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Justin's Story

Playing pickup basketball is a routine activity for Justin Walker. What wasn’t routine was the way his knee swelled-up after a weekly game, making it painful and difficult to walk. Having played sports his entire life, it wasn’t a total surprise to Justin when the MRI showed a meniscus tear.

“Dr. Sisco sat me down and walked me through my options. He also listened to my recovery goals, one of which was to return to the court as soon as possible. Based on that discussion, the entire team at Randolph Health Orthopedics & Sports Medicine created a plan to get me back on the court safely.”

Arthroscopic meniscus repair (knee) surgery performed by Dr. Lance Sisco followed by intensive physical therapy and routine access to his health team is a testament to his recovery. Learn more about our sports medicine and orthopedic services available right here in Randolph County.

“I’m now ready and playing ball again without pain.”

Justin Walker
Liberty, NC
Husband, Father, Sports Enthusiast

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