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Work Related Injuries


At Randolph Health Orthopedics & Sports Medicine and The Human Motion Institute of Randolph Health, we understand the importance of enabling our patients to return to work as quickly and safely as possible.

That is why we view those injured in the workplace as “industrial athletes”. There is no question that a worker’s compensation claim can be very costly to the workplace. These costs can be obvious and calculated by looking at medical expenses, rising insurance premiums, and possible loss of insurability. Costs can also be hidden and include disruption in normal work procedures, overtime, rehiring, retraining, and a drop in productivity. These hidden costs are more difficult to estimate, and can cost a company 3-5 times more than the obvious direct costs.

Randolph Health Orthopedics & Sports Medicine and The Human Motion Institute at Randolph Health take pride in being able to approach an injury at work from all aspects. Our carefully coordinated evaluation and treatment protocols are designed to provide leading edge care as expeditiously as possible. Ultimately our goal is to rehabilitate the “industrial athlete” in a way that promotes the health and safety of employees, costs less, and encourages return to work quickly. We focus on preparing the “industrial athlete” both mentally and physically to perform the demands of his or her job both efficiently and safely. Our team of physicians, nurses, physical and occupational therapists, and a host of other staff members have worked tirelessly to create an integrated care delivery network that is known for its outstanding clinical care and customer service outcomes. We invite you to contact us to learn more about how Randolph Health Orthopedics & Sports Medicine can help your staff work safely and better enjoy their work and play.

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